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About Us

Welcome To The Play Along Podcast Website!

Play Along Podcast is a podcast that combines the book club format with the audiobook experience. Host Jared is joined by his co-hosts Ky and Ben as they journey their way through a variety of games! From point-and-click titles, to isometric JRPGs of yesteryear, no game is off limits.

Each host takes it in turn to choose a game. That game is then broken up into segments and each week the boys cover one segment. They discuss in detail the plot, gameplay mechanics, audio and visual aspects of the game so if you're looking to avoid spoilers then maybe you should Play Along ……

In between the main series, the boys will cover an interstitial; a one-off title used to break up the main series, and totally not in order to give Ky more time to pick his main series! The boys will play as much of the game as they can, and then discuss it in a more freeflow format while still covering the normal topics.

If you do wish to play along, you can check out our socials in order to see the schedule for the main series. We know that some listeners choose to listen to a series having not played the game, and maybe experience it vicariously through us. We know some of you have played the game previously and don't have the time to play through it again. However you choose to engage with our content, we thank you. Your support means the world to us and we love you all.